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“India is rapidly emerging as a global economic
and political power, and our students and faculty
are increasingly interested in working and studying
in the region... ”
Richard C Levin President, Yale University
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“Six hundred thousand qualified engineers emerge form India’s tertiary education every year. Just think of the remarkable breakthrough of (2009 chemistry Nobel laureate) Prof VenkatramanRamakrishnan in fighting bacterial infections.”
David Miliband, Former Foreign Secretary, UK

“With basic business models having clearly failed, leading management schools including the likes of Harvard and Kellogg are already thinking of the next model, he points out. In less than two years, you will see the results. And in that, India will take a leadership role.”
Bala V Balachandranis, JL Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Accounting and Information Management at Northwestern University, USA

If education is embedded in a real world context — blurring the boundaries between school and life — then children go through a journey of Aware (where they can see the change), Enable (be changed), and Empower (lead the change). It starts with believing in kids: When adults believe in children and say 'you can!' then they will.”
KiranBirSethi, Director, Riverside Schools

“A number of foreign universities, and I’m talking about quality institutions, have met me to express interest in establishing a campus in India.’’
KapilSibal, Minister of Human Resources Development, Government of India

"Our courses will be aimed at creating a set of alumni who will be successful entrepreneurs, thus producing new jobs and new industries in India, as opposed to graduates seeking jobs elsewhere."
Dr. Gary B. Schuster, Provost, The Georgia Institute of Technology

“If India's educational juggernaut does take off, the country's next generation will look back on a rich record of accomplishments, among other things, an educational landscape in India with absolutely first-rate universities at the center of absolutely first-rate prosperity.”
Lawrence Summers, Director, U.S. National Economic Council

“Oxford conducts research and some non-degree teaching in many countries of the world, and India is a very important country for us. We have many links with India already and are keen to continue to develop our involvement in the country.”
Offical Spokesperson, Oxford University

“Imperial College is keen to explore opportunities for further research and teaching links with India in the future”
Abigail Smith, Spokesperson, Imperial College, London

“It is thus timely for the university to take stock and to consider how to build on these foundations to develop new ways in which we work with Indian counterparts in academia, industry and government to develop and strengthen the country’s higher education provision, research capacity and impact.”
Professor Alison Richard, Vice-Chancellor, Cambridge University

“As the IIT-Kanpur's 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee fast approaches, I find myself reminded once again of the myriad ways our two great nations can collaborate to solve the most pressing challenges of the 21st century and the dynamic role the Indian-American community plays in our two great countries.”
Robert Blake, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, US
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